Specialties of
Inasayama Kanko

Night time Impressive night time scenery which holds the new world record for
the "3 Great Night Views"

Cuisine Japanese traditional style kaiseki cuisine with selected local and seasonal ingredients

Sightseeing Perfect locations for sightseeing in Nagasaki-city

Support Multi-lingual staff to support your comfortable stay (There may be no multi-lingual staff all the time.)

Inasayama Kanko Hotel is located 10 minutes by car from
Nagasaki Station. It is perfectly convenient to travel around
Nagasaki. Recently, there are a number of guests staying in
the hotel to visit "Huis Ten Bosch" and join Hashima (Gunkanjima) tour.
The hotel is well-known as a place to enjoy the night time scenery of Nagasaki, which holds the new world record for the "3 Great Night Views" along with Hong Kong and Monaco. The scenic nights will surely be the
memorable time of your trip in Japan.
Also, we serve kaiseki cuisine, Japanese traditional style multi-course meal, prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, and therefore, you would be able to sense Japanese culture through dining in the hotel. When you visit Kyushu area, please call Nagasaki to enjoy kaiseki cuisine and relax in the bath with excellent night view



Located on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, Nagasaki has played prominent role in foreign relationship and been prospered as a gateway to abroad.In Edo Period (1603AD- 1868AD), various European cultures are imported through Dejima, where the Japanese sole port during the Japan's period of isolation was situated.The Nagasaki-city is distinct from the others in Japan due to the influence of western culture and unique landscape with many downhills.It takes about 80 minutes by air from Haneda Airport, 60 minutes from Itami (Osaka) or Kansai International Airport, and 2 hours by express rapid service train from Fukuoka.